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Hey Guys sorry about the fact that I’m not able to post summaries regularly. I have been buzy with school because its my last year and I want to get a good grade in order to get into my desired University. I have not decided what to take up as my career and I need to focus on other related stuff also like doing social services in order to leave a favorable impression on  my resume. So please bear with me until then. I will try to post stuff regularly from July onwards cuz I get holidays during that month Thanks for all your support and I will continue to post summaries that might be helpful in your search for a good anime/manga


Karin aka Chibi Vampire


Karin and her family are vampires. Though she’s a different type of vampire, while her family sucks blood out of their victims, she gives blood to them. Also she is a daytime vampire while her family is noctournal. She has no powers of her own. she manages to keep all this a secret until one day a new student usui moves in and discovers that she is a vampire. Not only that but he is also the cause of  most of her “accidents”. It’s a really nice anime with the genre : super natural, Rom-com. I give it a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5.

Elektel Delusion


WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CONTAINS YAOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shunpei and Fumi are childhood friends + they live near each other. So Shunpei gets a shock when one day Fumi reveals to him that he might be gay. Also Shunpei is further shocked when Fumi tells him that he is going to start dating someone. Shocked , left-out and a jealous Fumi starts reading his sister’s BL manga’s to get a grasp of what’s going on. He ends up imaging how Fumi would look like when doing it. Unable to suppress his feelings he asks Fumi to make him his partner. Fumi then reveals to him that the reason why he is gay is because of Shunpei. And so they both start dating and face many heart breaking moments. It’s a cute Yaoi manga with a rating of 4.5 stars upon 5. The genre is Yaoi comedy romance school life slice of life or something like that

Junjou Romantica


WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CONTAINS YAOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Junjou romantica is written by the same mangaka as sekai ichi hatsukoi so there is a bit of inter relatedness. The anime has 2 seasons of 12 episodes each. 18 yr old Misaki wants to enroll in his dream college but because of his bad grades he cant really hope to make it. The only solution is to ask his older brother’s Friend Usami Akihiko to help him. But then again he doesn’t want to as Akihiko writes Yaoi novels with Akihiko and Misaki’s older brother as the main characters. Misaki’s older brother is oblivious of Akihiko’s feelings towards him and ends up marrying the girl he loves. Seeing the heartbroken Akihiko keeping a straight face Misaki cheers him up. Misaki’s actions led Akihiko to fall for him. But will he be able to hold back as Misaki starts to stay over at his house as a freeloader??? Includes 2 other side stories which are equally cute. I give it a rating of 5 upon 5 stars because it soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi


WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONTAINS YAOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sekai ichi hatsukoi is great for those starting to watch yaoi stuff. It’s a light yaoi anime (although the manga is slightly more). There are 3 stories but the main one is that of Onodera Ritsu And Takano Masamune. Ritsu had feelings for masamune since high school after they started going out something happened that made ritsu feel like he was being used by Masamune. Unable to go through that depression he became jaded and it affected the rest of his life. 10 years later he starts working in marakuwa publishing as a manga editor where he is surprised to find Masamune as the boss! Other stories are based on Ritsu’s colleagues Kisa and another one of Hatori. All are equally cute! I give it a rating of 4 stars upon 5 as in the end they still don’t end up together

Seito Kaichou ni chuukoku aka hey class president



WARNING-contains Yaoi stuff. Well this anime is pretty much full of yaoi stuff, but I really love this anime because of its cute story of 2 guyz. The Student council president koukasai is really cute plus hes a judo club member. his underclassman chiga cant help but fall for him. He realises his feelings only when koukasai asks him to be the vice resident. I wont ruin it by telling the entire story but lemme tell you all something ITS A MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I give it a rating of 4.5 upon 5 stars. Theres only 2 episodes in the anime but the manga has 47 chapters or something. Its comedy ecchi yaoi etc.etc.

Death Note



17 yr old Light Yagami is a child prodigy who finds a note book named – Death note. This notebook grants him the power to kill anyone as long as he knows his name and face. He uses this power to kill criminals. however here’s the cliche the notebook grants him the power in exchange he can neither go to hell nor heaven after death. Another child prodigy going by the nickname L tries to track him down and kill him before he kills pretty much every one he thinks is “bad”. I stopped watching after *SPOILER ALERT* L died. So i havent completed watching it. However i give it a rating of 3 upon 5 stars. Its a mystery action Anime. L IS THE BEST CHARACTER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Lucy is a 17 yr old wizard whose wish is to join the no. one guild- Fairytail. She meets Natsu a dragon slayer with motion sickness and his partner  (pet actually) a flying cat named happy. Together they get into troubles and many mishaps along with their teammates erza and gray. It’s a action comedy anime with more than 150 episodes. I give it a rating of 4 stars upon 5.

Lovely Complex aka love-com


A rom-com is what you will expect when you hear the name itself. It’s a story about a really tall girl falling in love with a really short boy. Its quite funny because before she fell in love with him they were always fighting and were known as comedy duo by their entire class. It’s a rating of 3.5 stars upon 5 stars. They make a really cute though. Smile with tongue out


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Kujo kazuya is the 3rd son of an imperial soldier in japan. He’s not suited for the soldier’s way of life and comes to europe for further studies. Over there he meets viqtorique who is his mysterious classmate who is never in class and always on top of the library reading books. together they get together to solve mysteries. It’s a pretty cool mystery romance anime with a rating of 3 stars upon 5. Though it gets pretty boring later.